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Automotive Industry

Automotive product development and manufacturing

CS Mold is helping many automakers and automotive product developers accelerate vehicle design, fine tune performance, and manufacture futuristic prototypes and production parts to serve a wide range of applications.

With the development of industries such as artificial intelligence driving, hybrid/electric transmission systems, and user personalization, leading automotive manufacturers are collaborating with CS Mold to seek ways to improve engine efficiency, reduce weight, and ensure scalability. CS Mold continues to be a partner in shortening delivery times and entering the market faster.

With the help of advanced multi axis CNC processing, injection molding and 3D printing, process engineers and Automotive design experts can reduce the risk of design failure, reduce the cost risk, and run more interactive tests to create an agile supply chain.

Cases of Automotive

Services for Automotive Industry

CS Mold offers various low-volume manufacturing services to help our clients with their prototypes and toolings. Contact us to choose the most suitable one for your project!

Automotive Industry
Utility vehicles
Electric vehicles
Electric vehicles
Commercial vehicles
Commercial vehicles
Infotainment systems
Infotainment systems
Electric bikes and scooters
Electric bikes and scooters
Autonomous vehicle sensors

Utonomous vehicle sensors

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